Brass Band - Repertoire

Here we present the repertoire. We gathered the sheet music from different sources (predominantly from the library of the congress) and re-arranged them with the music notation program Finale for our purposes. The arrangements are laid-out for a minimum-instrumentation of 4 brass players (1 Bb-Cornet, 2 Eb-Horns and 1 Bb-Tuba).

The MP3-files were compiled directly with the music notation program and suggests - although they sounds here and there very synthetically - to the interested an idea what we do. Press to start the playback and to stop it.

You can download the music books here (each file mount up to 30 MB approximately):

Cornet in Bb
Horn in F (lower part)
Horn in Eb (higher part)
Tuba in Bb (notated in treble clef)

Category "A" (in the music book)

MP3 Nr. Title Composer / Arranger Full score Bb-Cornet F-Horn Eb-Horn Bb-Tuba
1. Battle cry of freedom George Frederick Root
2. Battle hymn of the republic William Steffe
3. Hail, Columbia! Philipp Phile
4. Hail to the Chief James Sanderson
5. The star spangled banner John Stafford Smith
6. Yankee doodle Traditional
7. Red, white and blue Traditional
8. Home, sweet home Henry Rowley Bishop
9. Lorena Joseph Philbrick Webster
10. Weeping sad and lonely Henry Tucker
11. The little Major Henry Clay Work
12. Greensleeves Traditional
13. Lilly Lee G.W.E. Friederich
14. Air from county Derry Traditional
15. Hard times, come again no more Stephen Collins Foster
16. Kathleen Mavourneen Frederick W.N. Crouch
17. Auld lang syne Traditional
18. Rock of Ages Augustus Montague Toplady
19. When Johnny comes marching home Patrick Gilmore
20. Riding a raid / Stonewall Jackson's Way Walter Scott / John Williamson Palmer
21. Tenting again on the old camp ground Walter Kittredge
22. Lou'siana belle Stephen Collins Foster
23. The wearing of the green Traditional
24. The bold soldier boy Traditional
25. Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! George Frederick Root
26. The girl I left behind me Traditional
27. Camptown races Stepen Collins Foster
28. Lancers quadrille: la dorset Traditional
29. Lancers quadrille: la native Traditional
30. Sicilian circle Traditional
31. Spanish Waltz Traditional
32. Jeanie with the light brown hair Stephen Collins Foster
33. Dixie & the bonnie blue flag Daniel Decatur Emmett
34. Old dog tray march G.W.E. Friederich
35. Walking down broadway Charles Brown
36. Sunny hours J. Schatzman
37. Maggie by my side G.W.E. Friederich
38. Rainbow schottische G.W.E. Friederich
39. The old log hut march G.W.E. Friederich
40. Lilly Bell quickstep G.W.E. Friederich
41. Jewel waltz G.W.E. Friederich
42. Indiana polka J. Schatzman
43. Far away G.W.E. Friederich
44. Louisville march J. Schatzman
45. Massa's in the could ground G.W.E. Friederich
46. My old Kentucky home G.W.E. Friederich
47. Nannie waltz J. Schatzman
48. Rachel waltz Claudio S. Grafulla
49. The signal march G.W.E. Friederich
50. Prima donna waltz G.W.E. Friederich
51. Beauregard's Charleston quickstep & Old folks at home H.L. Schreiner / Stephen Collins Foster
52. Confederates grand march & The yellow rose of Texas William H. Hartwell / Traditional
53. La Fayette's welcome to the United States in 1824 Arthur Clifton / Benjamin H. Grierson
54. Washington Greys Claudio S. Grafulla

Category "B" (rather unsuitable, as loose-leaf retained)

MP3 Nr. Title Composer / Arranger Full score Bb-Cornet F-Horn Eb-Horn Bb-Tuba
1. All quiet alng the Potomac John Hill Hewitt
2. Die Himmel rühmen Ludwig van Beethoven
3. Gefangenenchor aus Nabucco Giuseppe Verdi
4. In einem kühlen Grunde Friedrich Glück
5. Jägerchor aus Freischütz Carl Maria von Weber
6. Long, long ago Thomas Haynes Bayly
7. Wachet auf Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
8. Webster's funeral march J. Schatzman

Category "C" (not suitable, discarded)

MP3 Nr. Title Composer / Arranger Full score Bb-Cornet F-Horn Eb-Horn Bb-Tuba
1. Abendlied Josef Rheinberger
2. Ach, was soll ich Sünder machen Johann Sebastian Bach
3. Als Jesus Christus in der Nacht Johann Sebastian Bach
4. Ashokan farewell Jay Ungar
5. Der Gott, der Eisen wachsen liess Albert Gottlieb Methfessel
6. Es ist genug Johann Sebastian Bach
7. Gebet während der Schlacht Friedrich Heinrich Himmel
8. Locus iste Anton Bruckner
9. O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden Johann Sebastian Bach
10. Sanctus aus BWV 325 Johann Sebastian Bach
11. Sarabande aus HWV 437 Georg Friedrich Händel
12. Urlicht Gustav Mahler
13. The John Dunbar theme John Barry
14. Gettysburg - Men of honor Randy Edelman
15. Once upon a time in the west Ennio Morricone

Category "D" (Drafts, not yet rehearsed)

MP3 Nr. Title Composer / Arranger Full score Bb-Cornet F-Horn Eb-Horn Bb-Tuba
1. My heart's with my Norah C.A. Damarre
2. O, ye tears! O, ye tears! Franz Abt
3. Nearer my god to thee Lowell Mason
4. Mabel Waltz Daniel Godfrey

Kategorie "V" (Adventsfenster 2020)

MP3 Nr. Title Composer / Arranger Full score Bb-Cornet F-Horn Eb-Horn Bb-Tuba
1. Es wird scho glei dumpa Traditional
2. Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging Traditional
3. Lippai, muasst frua aufsteh'n Traditional
4. Kommet ihr Hirten Traditional
5. Still, still, still Traditional
6. MariƤ Wiegenlied Traditional
7. Es hat sich halt eröffnet Traditional
8. Andachtsjodler Traditional

Category "W" (Christmas carols)

MP3 Nr. Title Composer / Arranger Full score Bb-Cornet F-Horn Eb-Horn Bb-Tuba
1. All my heart this night rejoices Johann G. Ebeling
2. There is room in my heart for thee Timothy R. Matthews
3. The first Noel Traditional
4. Angels from the realms of glory Henry T. Smart
5. I heard the bells of christmas day John B. Calkin
6. It came upon the midnight clear Richard S. Willis
7. Angels we have heard on high Edward S. Barnes
8. Joy to the World Arr. Lowell Mason